Wilco De Kreij – ConnectIQ Academy

They laughed when I told them I’d make a million from Facebook Ads, until I did.

How I “Forced” Facebook To Feed Me 25,626 Customers

(For Subscribers & Customers of Digital Kickstart Only)

From not knowing ANYTHING about Facebook Ads to being listed on Entrepreneur.com as “the Facebook expert”

while getting 25,626 customers from Facebook Ads.

What happened?

I discovered something most Facebook advertisers don’t know about. Little did I know it would change the way I run my Facebook™ Ads forever.

My name is Wilco de Kreij, founder & CEO of Connectio. Some call me a “Facebook Ads wizard” after seeing the results of my campaigns. Over the last few years, I’ve helped 20,000+ clients with their marketing. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Nicholas Kusmich and many others.

It wasn’t always like this, though.

Before Making Millions On Facebook™ Ads… I Struggled For Years

A few years ago, I started looking at new ways to get customers into my business.

As I discovered, the best way to produce consistent sales and maximum profit is using paid advertising — and Facebook is the best ad platform there is.

After all…

It’s where your customers are (with over 2 billion users your audience is already there)
Their targeting is amazing (no matter who your customer is, you’ll be able to reach them)
It’s extremely scalable (once your offer works, you spend more to make more).

Like everyone else, I bought tons of courses. Looked at all the ads my competitors were running. Learned from all the well-respected (but self-proclaimed) “gurus” just trying to get my Facebook™ ads off the ground.

Despite that… I saw no results. Talk about frustrating.

Here are my stats for 2016:

After spending €1,400, I only made back €445.

That’s a €956 LOSS  (not even counting product costs).

I kept going, though. I had to.

How was everyone else making their ads profitable, and why couldn’t I get there myself?

Tried out everything and then some… but nothing was working.

I was stuck

That’s when it hit me.

Most advertisers are guessing what works (and so was I)

Many advertisers seem to forget the Facebook Ads platform is an auction. A bidding game with massive competition.

The ONLY way to win this game and run profitable campaigns, is to do things better than your competitors.

My problem was… How?! After all, I’m just some Dutch guy with a broken accent.

Most of the Facebook Ads courses I’ve seen did an “okay job” explaining the basics, but none of them revealed their best tricks & strategies on what actually works. Sure – learning the basic concepts was useful, but I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to make my ads profitable.

Besides these basic strategies, some advertisers try to be “smart” by copying what other advertisers do. By doing that, they’re assuming their competitors know what the perfect Facebook Ad setup looks like.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

They’re guessing the ad they’re copying is perfect. What they’re actually doing is copying mistake after mistake.

I did this, too.

I hate to break it to you, but running “average” Facebook Ad campaigns isn’t going to cut it anymore. Those days are over.

That’s when I Discovered
how to “beat the game”

Once I realised “average” wasn’t going to cut it, I kinda freaked out. How am I – just an ordinary guy from the Dutch farmlands – going to win against other advertisers with more experience?

That’s when I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing.

Instead, I started thinking outside the box.

Here’s What You’ll Learn
Inside The Member’s Area…

Module 01: The Ads Foundation

What’s inside

In the first module, I’ll lay out the foundation for running profitable Facebook advertising campaigns…

Why (and when) to use multiple Facebook Pages.
How to set up your Facebook Ads account (so you won’t get banned).
How to choose the OPTIMAL sales funnel type.
The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
How to set up your Facebook pixel correctly. (Hint: Get this wrong and your conversion rate will fall)
The proper mindset you need to advertise at a profit. (Caution: Most people underestimate the importance of “mental attitude.”)
Which Ad Metrics you need to focus your attention on. (Tip: Beginners almost always make testing & tracking harder than it really is.)
The best way to structure your campaigns for MAXIMUM profit.

Module 02: The Perfect Ad

What’s inside

In this module, I’ll focus on creating ads (along with all the templates you’ll need)…

How to determine the most effective “hook” for your ad. (Tip: Using a hook helps make your ad unique, so it will stand out and grab attention.)
When to use the various ad formats for improved results.
The 5 AD TYPES your campaigns can use… and when to use them.
The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
How to “spy” on your competitors. (Hint: Advertising is COMPETITIVE. That’s why ethical spying is necessary to gain the advantage.)
Which IMAGE ADS perform best… and how to create them quickly and easily.
A walk-through of a VIDEO ADS CASE STUDY… look over my shoulder as I explain what works and why.
How to write compelling STORY-BASED ADS. (Tip: Story Ads are one of my SECRET WEAPONS. Inside, I’ll show you why.)
How to leverage “meme” videos… and make them SELL.
How to DOUBLE your conversions by adding a simple 5-second “video overlay” to your ads.

Module 03: Targeting Secrets

What’s inside

In this module, you’ll learn the art of targeting your best prospects…

How to discover EXACTLY who your best prospects are. (Tip: You MUST get this right.)
How creating your ideal “customer avatar” will help boost your sales (and the fastest, easiest way to do it).
How to find the BEST audiences in ANY market. (Note: I cover this in-depth, with multiple videos — it’s important!)
How to determine who your COMPETITORS are targeting (so you can emulate them).
How to find… and when to use… specific audiences. (I’ll run you through it step-by-step.)
A clever way of using “unusual behavior” to target PRIME prospects.
The “White Ocean Targeting” trick to scale your ads. (Hint: Scaling is one of the reasons why paid advertising is superior to SEO.)

Module 04: Retargeting Secrets

What’s inside

As you may know, retargeting is an extremely popular topic. I’ll show you how to push the limits of this strategy…

How to get started QUICKLY with retargeting. (I’ll give you a deep dive into the ESSENTIAL basics.)
Revealed: My best performing retargeting ads. (Hint: I’ve done the preliminary work FOR YOU.)
The “3-punch” retargeting sequence that your prospects won’t be able to resist.
How to run effective cross-sell retargeting campaigns. (Tip: This is one of the secrets to MAXIMIZING your profits.)
What the “triple-exclude” is… and how it helps REDUCE ad costs (which will effectively INCREASE your profits).
How to create quick & easy video sequences. (Hint: Video is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you.)

Module 05: Budget, Bidding and Scaling

What’s inside

After you understand the fundamentals and have some ads in place, it’s time to scale it all up…

How to determine how much you should initially spend on your ad campaigns.
How to split-test quickly and effectively. (Tip: All successful marketers understand that marketing is about TESTING.)
Discover the metrics you MUST check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
How to scale your ads MASSIVELY — starting from ZERO.
Discover the step-by-step breakdown of the bidding process you MUST use (and why it works).

Module 06: Execution Blueprint

Plus, All Facebook Automation You Need

Why do all the hard work yourself if you can automate it?

Over the last 3+ years, my team and I built a powerful software platform – Connectio – to make Facebook Ads way more effective using clever automation.

Opportunity is knocking – for now…

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Wilco De Kreij – ConnectIQ Academy: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Todd Snively, Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon

Ecomm Elite is opening it’s doors to new members, and we want to take few minutes to tell you why this is the LAST membership you will ever need to become successful selling online.

Chris and Todd are of one mind when it comes to how they feel about some of the programs and courses andmentors out there, and the fact that sometimes you just don’t get the value for your hard earned money. It is their goal to provide you a value unmatched by any other program out there.

above – Todd and Chris after meeting with Amazon programmers

Understand that this value is not to be downloaded, absorbed and implemented in a day – no – this is ongoing value, which is why they chose this membership structure.

For example, you may have already discovered that as you progress in your business you find that you needadditional, more sophisticated, software and tools to keep your life simple, and your business prosperous.

Chris and Todd have been on that same journey for a long time, selling millions and millions of dollars of products, every year.

You may never have heard of Todd or Chris, and that’s fine, what’s important is that these guys are the real deal when it comes to making money selling products online, and definately not the typical “internet gurus” you find so often hawking questionable training programs.

Todd and Chris make their full-time living selling online, especially on Amazon. Take a look at this recent screenshot from Todd’s account February 1-18, 2017 (arguebly one of the slowest times of the year).

What’s the takeaway from the above image?  Well, first of all Todd more than doubled his income from the same time frame last year.  That’s pretty impressive, but better yet, the income he doubled up to was over a quarter of a million dollars in just 18 days!

Logging into your Amazon selling account and seeing sales like this make the learning process all worthwhile:

Amazon deposits your funds every 14 days into your bank account.  The above results are achieved by selling unsexy products sourced from US based wholesale distributors.

Todd and Chris have developed many of their own software tools to help them find products, sell the products and then track everything that needs tracking.  Here’s a screenshot of the Ecomm Elite Dashboard that tracks all of your sales and the NET PROFIT to the sku level for each item you sell.  You can set the time frame to anything you want, but this is the last thirty days of sales:

Remember, Chris and Todd both started with ZERO sales at one point and earned revenues like this from working one product at a time, building up to multiple products.  During a workshop last night Todd pulled up a random supplier inventory file and within 30 minutes found five products that can be purchased in the USA, sent to Amazon’s FBA program and just those five product equated to $600/month in pure profit.  All in just 30 minutes of using their famous research tools.

“The information, advice, and coaching that I have received from Chris, has truly made a lasting difference in my life and business. It has been a vital part of me starting my own business, and earning my personal freedom to work where I want and when I want. Absolutely the best leadership I have been associated with.”

Sean Davis

Whether you are brand new, never sold anything online before, or already have a six figure income from online selling – Chris and Todd can show you everything they’ve learned to multiply your income. Most of the content inside the Ecomm Elite membership site is slanted towards the member already selling on Amazon, and wanting to sell more, however, there is plenty, and there will be more, of the “starting from scratch” type of entreprenuer.

“Psssst! Hey You! I’ve got an Amazing Offer!

Want to make some easy money? Ever hear of Amazon? Want to learn about private labeling products? Yeah – from China! It’s Easy! Heard of FBA? Right – that’s the ticket! How much? Well, it’s good stuff, so, $5,000 – how’s that?

Now, Todd and Chris will be the first ones to tell you that while many “gurus” out there tell you that they will show you how to come up with “one product” that will produce these kinds of numbers, the fact of the matter is that this is very, very rare for the online seller. It’s not impossible, but the much more likely scenario is having a month with product sales like this small sample from Todd’s account:

The above graphic shows you a mix of private labeled products, and non-private labeled. Wait a minute! I thought there wasn’t any money to be made selling “regular branded” products that anyone could sell! At least that’s what other gurus out there are saying.

Think that, and we’re sorry, but you’d be flat out wrong. Not only that, but, hang on – sometimes it makes a lot more sense to NOT use FBA. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you have to have a warehouse and a shipping crew, we’re telling you that you can use OUR warehouse, and OUR shipping crew – sound fun?

We’re going to open up all new worlds of profitability for you and show you how to find and source “un-sexy”, low competition products that can be sourced in the USA, making the time to profitability sometimes days versus months.

Now, here’s one of their secrets – none of their products are very popular at all. If Todd and Chris were to tell you they were going to show you how to come up with a boring product that sells 1-200 units a month, people would think they were a little nuts. What they’re really going to teach you is how to do this over and over every month. It’s all about systems, software and avoiding the sirens lure of that “top 100” sexy, super competitive product.

The “top” products have way too much competition and price pressures. Some gurus tell you to just take one of those top 100, get it private labeled in China, send it in to fba, run some promotions and you’ll make a lot of money. Errrrr, it’s really not that easy, but the good news is that it’s very straightforward to setup a business to sell a bunch of boring, “un-sexy” products, making a lot of money in the process.

Remember, by joining Ecomm Elite, you are going to not only receive unprecedented access to a couple of Amazon sellers that not only do this full-time, but sell multi, multi millions of dollars a product every year.

These guys have been recognized in some of the most prestigious Amazon seller forums on the web as the guys that are doing it right, AND give you the correct answers to all the questions.

Finally learn how to research and choose products to sell online like the pros – no more looking through the top 100 at Amazon!
Learn how to source overseas AND within the USA. Find out how to have products for sale on Amazon within 48 HOURS!
The last membership you’ll ever have to join.
Custom made SOFTWARE and TOOLS designed to help you build your business, choose the right products, get all the stats you need in a meaningful fashion, and much, much more.

We have so much exciting stuff in the pipeline for you that is going to simply blow you away it makes us silly with anticipation. Enjoy!

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Todd Snively, Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Sebastian Ghiorghiu – EcomAlphas

EcomAlphas A Complete Blueprint on Ecommerce Drop-shipping

 We built this with a single common goal, to change as many lives as possible…

Max Rozhenko, Matthew Bolis, and myself (Sebastian Ghiorghiu) have come together to build what we know as the most inclusive and value-packed drop shipping course in history. Each of us individually have an unfair amount of knowledge and more importantly experience, on different skills involved with drop-shipping. Instead of each creating a separate course we decided that coming together and teaching what we are amazing at was a better idea. Thus, we present to you “EcomAlphas”, literally 3 separate alphas in this industry together working as a team to obliterate competitors and change students for life.

Max Rozhenko, a literal demigod, at facebook marketing. Max decided college wasn’t for him 2 months in so he made the decision to leave before he had ever had any sort of online money. Now, with years of experience, Max is able to generate a consistent 6-figures per month with out failure.

Matthew Bolis, also known as, “The King of Instagram”, started instagram influencer marketing at 14 years old. He decided to drop out after 1 year of college, choosing to instead focus on building his companies. Matthew has millions of combined followers on separate instagram accounts, and a themed page agency that monetizes on over 700 pages with a total combined reach of over 600 MILLION PEOPLE. Not only was he able to buy his dream car in high school (Corvette), he also bought first first house before he turned 18.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu, a giant youtube Shopify influencer sometimes referred as, “The Shopify King”, was working at Taco-bell making a hefty 48 dollars per day shortly before enrolling in college and dropping out 30 days before his first class. His first month in drop shipping he made over 5,000 in sales and now has multiple stores running on autopilot.

You will learn how 3 young adults together generated millions of dollars online in less than 2 years. This course is the complete guide on drop-shipping, all the way from creating your store and finding immensely profitable products, to curating a perfect advertisement and marketing those products all over social media. All of the videos in this course are taught by the experts in their respective fields. Find our years of experience, patience, and hard work condensed and organized into this masterpiece of a course.

Your Instructor

Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian started his journey at the end of 2017, in just a year he was able to blow up most of his businesses, buy his dream car (GTR), and help his family financially immensely. He grew up extremely poor with a single mother and 3 siblings often having to rely on trips to Mcdonalds for dinner. Sebastian has built companies based in software, drop-shipping , private label, and also has a large youtube and instagram following.

Class Curriculum

Introduction – Meet your teachers! All Our Experience, Patience, and Hard Work At Your Disposal

     Welcome To EcomAlphas!

     From Cooking With Candles To Super Cars – Sebastian’s Story

Dropout Instagram King – Matthew’s Story

Why You Need To Change Your Mindset First + How

 Finding GOLDEN Products With HUGE Scale Potential Before They Even Trend

     Finding Currently Selling Products On Facebook

     Golden Trendy Products – Twitter + Ali-Express (Sebastians Method)

Using Software + Ali-Express

Instagram Sponsored Posts (Easy Ads)

Software + Ali-Express Version 2

Seasonal Trends/Products That Sell Every Year (Free Money)

How To Find Your Top Competitors For Any Product

How To Find Out How Much Money A Product Is Making Per Day (1.2 Million Dollar Product Given Away)

ADS! You Will Be A Pro After This

     The Importance Of Custom Content – Taking Pictures + How To Edit Them Nicely

     Completely Understanding Ads + Do’s and Don’ts (Multiple Examples)

Creating A Perfect Picture Ad (With Examples)

Creating A Perfect Video Ad Live! (With Examples)

What To Do When You Don’t Have Custom Content For Video Ads

And more….

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Sebastian Ghiorghiu – EcomAlphas: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Ryan Deiss – Conversion Funnel Mastery

This Is The Most Profitable Customer-Getting Campaign We’ve Ever Created…

(And Now I Want To Show You How To Build One For Your Company)

Does your business have a funnel?

Better question: Do you even know what a “conversion funnel” is?

In case you don’t, here’s a quick definition…

A funnel is a multi-step, multi-modality campaign that seamlessly and subtly leads a prospect towards a desired action.

In other words, a well-optimized “funnel” allows you to sell…without selling.

They are the secret to promoting your product or service without being pushy or creepy.

More importantly…

Conversion Funnels Allow You To Fully Automate the Entire Customer Acquisition Process…

The fact is, most businesses have some sort of “funnel” for generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers, but very few have a truly OPTIMIZED funnel.

That’s where you come in.

As a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist, you’ll know how to architect a “conversion funnel” that gives businesses exactly what they want:

MORE customers, that are…
MORE valuable, yet…

Read that again because it’s important. (It’s also the key to unstoppable business growth.)

If you want your company to grow, then you need a proven, repeatable system that on-boards new leads and then converts those leads into customers…ideally at a profit.

Because if you can do that…if you can create a proven, repeatable system that maximizes immediate customer value while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs…you will have cracked the code to business growth.

Your company will be unstoppable, and you will possess the single most valuable skill any marketer can ever possess: The ability to create customers out of thin air.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to be able to do after you complete this class…

In addition to learning our step-by-step plan for rolling out new conversion funnels (for virtually any type of business) from scratch, you’ll also learn:

How to optimize all of your existing marketing funnels by applying the “5 Things” methodology
The L x c x m x f = GP formula that consistently doubles revenues…
One change you can make to your funnel to instantly get more leads, subscribers, and ultimately customers. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your ad, your headline, your landing page, or your copy.)
The simple tweak we made for a manufacturing client that brought in a 2,000% increase in leads!
How to craft a “Statement of Value” that perfectly positions any product or service, and gives your ideal customers EXACTLY what they want (even when they don’t even know they want it…)
The 5 “Specifics” that make up a winning Lead Magnet…
The right way to use coupons and discounts in funnels that works for both online and offline businesses…
How to select the right “Tripwire” for any business. (Includes 7 examples you can model.)
The two types of doubt almost every customer experiences, and how to boost conversions by inoculating against them ahead of time.
How to use “bundling” to de-commoditize a commodity product or service…
How we resolved a client’s #1 customer complaint while simultaneously DOUBLING their profit margin. (This works in literally any business…even if your customers aren’t complaining.)
The 3 little words that can be added to the back of any conversion funnel that’s been responsible for bumping average profit per customer by 200%.
How to deploy an automated, 5-phase followup system that converts more leads into buyers, and more buyers into multi-buyers…
…and much, much more.

In short, Customer Value Optimization Specialists (a.k.a. “Funnel Experts”) are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…they are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.

If you’re interested in becoming such a “Funnel Master,” then I have one question for you…

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

(or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

Let’s face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…


That’s the problem!

And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN.

We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.

We’re business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.


…so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they’re talking about.

And that’s why we created the “Conversion Funnel Mastery” course and certification.

We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world.

In short, we’re making it available to YOU…

What You’ll Learn In This Course

The Formula for Growth

Learn the Customer Value Optimization process and the formula any business can use for exponential growth. When you combine the value of leads, customers, margin and frequency of purchases, you will discover your growth potential.

5 Phases of Customer Value Optimization

Structure your marketing strategy to seamlessly and subtly guide your prospects toward a great product or service. You will be able to acquire and monetize your customers by taking them from a Lead magnet to a Tripwire Offer to your Core Offer to a Profit Maximizer and finally a Return Path that will keep them coming back for more.

“Statement of Value”

Discover the best way to determine the value you bring to the market. Then, in one sentence, you can perfectly position any product or service, and give your ideal customers EXACTLY what they want (even if they don’t even know they want it).

Lead Magnet Optimization

Generate more leads using the 5 “specific” tactics that will make your offer more effective and compelling to your audience. Using one or all five specific aspects can maximize the number of leads and, ultimately, conversions.

Customer Value Optimization
Mastery Course Details

In this 7-hour course, you’ll master all the stages of the customer value journey to get the most value from your new and returning customers.

Module 1:
Start Here

Lesson 1: Here’s What To Expect
Lesson 3: What is CVO?
Lesson 4: The Formula For Growth

Module 2:
Determine Product/Market Fit

Lesson 1: The Goal of Marketing
Lesson 2: Before & After Grid – Infant Tub
Lesson 3: Before & After Grid – Landscaper
Lesson 4: Crafting a Statement of Value
Lesson 5: SOV vs. USP
Lesson 6: Why Value Isn’t Enough
Lesson 7: Two Types of Doubts

Module 3:
Optimize The Lead Magnet

Lesson 1: What is a Lead Magnet?
Lesson 2: Importance of Specificity
Lesson 3: Make A Specific Promise
Lesson 4: Give A Specific Example
Lesson 5: Offer A Specific Shortcut
Lesson 6: Answer A Specific Question
Lesson 7: Deliver A Specific Discount
Lesson 8: Finding The Hook
Lesson 9: The Landing Page Checklist
Lesson 10: The Formula Revisited

Module 4:
Optimize The Tripwire Offer

Lesson 1: What is a Tripwire?
Lesson 2: Two Types Of Commitment
Lesson 3: Types of Tripwires
Lesson 4: Splinter Offers
Lesson 5: Little Victories
Lesson 6: Brainstorming Little Victories – 1
Lesson 7: Brainstorming Little Victories – 2
Lesson 8: The Tripwire Checklist
Lesson 9: Discovering Your Tripwire
Lesson 10: The Formula Revisited

Module 5:
Offer A Profit Maximizer

Lesson 1: What is a Profit Maximizer
Lesson 2: Immediate Upsells
Lesson 3: Cross-Sells
Lesson 4: Slack Adjusters
Lesson 5: Bundles and Kits
Lesson 6: Recurring Billing
Lesson 7: Line Extensions
Lesson 8: Speed and Automation
Lesson 9: The Formula Revisited

Module 6
Architect A Return Path

Lesson 1: What is a Return Path
Lesson 2: Constant Communication Explained
Lesson 3: Exit Offers Explained
Lesson 4: Example Exit Offers
Lesson 5: Retargeting Explained
Lesson 6: Segmentation By Visitor Activity
Lesson 7: Full Funnel Retargeting
Lesson 8: Automated Email Followup Explained
Lesson 9: Part 1: Indoctrination
Lesson 10: Example: Indoctrination Campaign
Lesson 11: Part 2: Engagement
Lesson 12: Example: Engagement Campaign
Lesson 13: Part 3: Ascension
Lesson 14: Example: Ascension Campaign
Lesson 15: Part 4: Segmentation
Lesson 16: Example: Segmentation Campaign
Lesson 17: Part 5: Reengagement
Lesson 18: Final Formula and Wrap Up

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Ryan Deiss – Conversion Funnel Mastery: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Doberman Dan – Letter

“The ONLY Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich!”

Reclusive million dollar serial entrepreneur  giving away his jealously guarded secrets for making 6-figures (or more!) per year… while living the lifestyle of your dreams!

Dear Friend,

I want you to ask yourself a very important question:

Are you SERIOUSLY ready to double or triple your current income… almost overnight?

I certainly hope so because you’re about to discover some rather unique ways to make money and, quite possibly, triple or even quadruple your current income… very quickly.

But believe me, you better be ready… because this is something that can make money flood into your life like never before.

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’m Doberman Dan. I’m an online marketer, copywriter and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been starting and running successful direct response businesses since 1995.

A few of the businesses started on my kitchen table with nothing but a yellow note pad and pen have grown into mini empires, supporting me in style for decades.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked in a lot of different markets. My work has appeared in…

MuscleMag International…
National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA)…
The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association Trade Magazine (IHRSA)…
Muscle & Fitness…
Men’s Edge…
Black Belt Magazine…
Muscular Development…
Exercise For Men Only…
Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness…
Martial Arts Professional Magazine…
Small Business Opportunities…
Home Business Magazine…
The National Enquirer…
Weekly World News…
And a whole bunch of mainstream newspapers.

It’s likely you’ve never heard of me though. I’ve been content to keep a pretty low profile and remain behind the scenes. (Ted Thomas, the successful real estate investing mogul and direct mail multi-millionaire, jokingly calls me a “direct marketing recluse.”)

Except for being a featured speaker at a couple of seminars put on by the legendary copywriter Gary Halbert, I’ve never tried to promote myself, self-aggrandize and do all that chest-beating nonsense necessary to be a player in the overcrowded “guru” market.

Long story short:

I’m going to give you a few cool surprises when you take advantage of a trial subscription to my “paper & ink” newsletter…

The Doberman Dan Letter!

I’ve been writing a free blog for several years at DobermanDan.com… but I refuse to share my most effective hard-core money-making secrets there.

See, I don’t want my most effective secrets indexed by Google for all the world to see. I only want to reveal THAT to like-minded doers who “get it”, understand its value and will take action.

So now, all my very best and most effective secrets are reserved exclusively for subscribers to my new hard copy newsletter, The Doberman Dan Letter.

Each issue is like having money-making opportunities practically knock on your door. All you have to do is answer.

I’m pouring my heart and soul into my newsletter… and sharing EVERYTHING I’ve discovered about success in business and life in my 20 years as a direct response & Internet entrepreneur.

And that includes all the embarrassing stuff I’d rather NOT share… and have never revealed before.

Even though I’d rather not, I’ll endure all the embarrassment, criticism and ridicule I’ll be subjected to by revealing this stuff.

You see, I know my most private and humbling experiences are going to be the most life-changing… and in some cases, life-SAVING lessons for you.

You’re going to get a very personal look into my daily life… and an almost “real time” education about what’s working right NOW in direct response and Internet marketing to make maximum money FAST.

I’m going to let you look over my shoulder as I implement these secrets and techniques in my own businesses, clients’ businesses… and my various new money-making projects.

The “Behind The Scenes”

Results Of Everything!

Base hits, grand slam home runs… and the disappointing and embarrassing strikeouts… I’m going to reveal it ALL to you… almost right as it’s happening.

I don’t think you’re ever going to get a more honest and “open book” look into a highly experienced marketer’s thought process and actions.

If you own a business (ANY kind of business)… or you’re someone who’d simply like to make a lot of money very, very fast…

Just One Idea From One Issue

Could Make You MILLIONS!

Here’s just a small SAMPLE of what I’m going to reveal in The Doberman Dan Letter…

3 very simple-to-implement techniques that can very easily boost your sales by 200%… and therefore your NET by 400%!
Most businesses have at least three very large “holes” hemorrhaging money like a stuck pig. Here’s how to identify the “holes” where you’re losing money and opportunities… and how to quickly plug them to boost your bottom line.
Want to beat your current control? You’ll discover three little “tweaks” to pump up response and get that puppy singing its little heart out at concert pitch… bringing in sales and profits like never before. (It takes all of 10 minutes!)
What I did to take a little “kitchen table” business from a $2,000/month “side venture”… to $90,000/month cash cow. And it only required a few hours each week to keep it going and raking in money hand over fist. (More importantly, you’ll discover all the major “boo-boos” I made that have cost me MILLIONS.)
You’re going broke FAST… and you don’t even know it. (Even if you have MILLIONS of dollars.) Here’s what you must do right now to preserve your wealth…
Experiencing the typical “Internet Marketing overwhelm”? Here’s what to do when you don’t know what to do. (Confusion and “overwhelm” will never again “hamstring” you and keep you from making progress.)
How to get orders from people who have already decided NOT to order…
How to get full-page ads in high-circulation magazines… for FREE! (Almost NONE of the successful Internet marketers are on to this secret yet.)

But let me warn you:

These letters are RAW. I don’t pull any punches… and nobody has ever accused me of being politically correct.

I simply don’t have time for “chaff”. These letters are all wheat. They contain the most intense personal stuff I’ve ever revealed.

It took me a long time to make up my mind to publish and release them… but no one has ever really accused me of playing it too safe.

There’s simply no doubt about it… this is THE newsletter for people who want to learn the real secrets of low-cost, high profit money-making opportunities & online marketing.

Every month I’ll give you unique insider info and money-making strategies you will NEVER read in any other publication in the entire world.

Things like…

An ARSENAL of salesman’s tricks most copywriters don’t even know exist…
How to use a simple 36 word pay-per-click ad to bring in $37 for every dollar you invest…
How to create “instant credibility” that practically FORCES people to believe your claims…
Are you seriously ready to double or triple your income almost overnight? Do this and you very well could DOUBLE your sales… in only 30 days! (But believe you me, you better be ready… because this is one promotion that will make people FLOOD into your business.)
An unusual technique to discover what your customers really want. (If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re allowing an enormous amount of money — that should be yours — to flow into someone else’s pocket.)
Why your back-end may be 1000 times more profitable than your initial sales… and what to do to take advantage of it right now…
How to write your copy so it “talks the talk” your most skeptical prospects need to hear before they buy…

That’s a “sneak peek” at just a HANDFUL of the many exciting lessons I’m going to dole out to you every month in The Doberman Dan Letter.

The Doberman Dan Letter is the “must-have” insider newsletter for…

Online marketers…
Offline direct response marketers…
Sales professionals…
Mail order or catalog business owners…
Direct mailers…
List brokers…
Any kind of consultant…
Advertising agencies…
Brick & mortar business owners…
Service business owners…
Any business owner that needs more customers and higher profits…
Or ANYBODY who has a sincere desire to make a lot of money quickly…

I want you to SEE FOR YOURSELF the value of this rare opportunity… and experience FIRST HAND the quantum leaps in income and growth you can achieve as soon as you discover the missing pieces to your own “success puzzle.”

A very important part of my back-story… and how I discovered the missing pieces to my personal success puzzle was the time I spent mentoring and working with copywriting legend, Gary Halbert.

Gary used to say he would only share his highest of high-level hard-won secrets with a HANDFUL of people he felt were TRULY ready for it… and would only use them for good, never evil.

And before he would reveal these secrets, you would have to strip down to your swim trunks and wade out into the ocean with him until you were neck deep in the water. (That was to make sure you weren’t wearing a “wire.”)

Well, after living and working with the man… and completely gaining his trust… I did exactly that. And just like he promised…

A New Piece Of High Converting Copy

For Your Your Swipe File!

Many of these swipe pieces will be sales copy… but not just any sales copy. I’m only going to share copy that is currently a control, a control beater or has been a very strong control in the past.

And since I know everybody in this business… from the little minnows all the way up to BILLION dollar whales… I have access to secrets about copywriting you’d most likely never discover without me.

In addition to giving you successful sales copy to study and save in your swipe file, I’m going to do a video analysis of each piece. I’ll break down the format, elements and explain all the reasons why the writer included what he or she wrote. And any ideas I might have to improve it.

It’s a value-packed lesson in persuasive writing every single month. If you’ll simply follow along and do what I tell you…

This One Thing Alone

Could Make You MILLIONS!

No exaggeration. No hype. It’s THAT powerful.

If you take full advantage of my monthly newsletter, webinars, membership site and frequent bonus materials posted on our Knights-Only website, this Marketing Camelot can be your master key to quantum leaps in income and plateau-busting “A-HA” moments.

My consulting fee is now $2,000.00 per hour. With the time invested creating the newsletter, hosting the monthly webinar and creating the bonus materials for the private website, you’re getting at least 20 hours of my time and attention every month. That’s…

$60,000.00 Worth Of Consulting

You Get Every Month!

If you’re truly serious about making a lot of money, becoming a knight in my Marketing Camelot can be your own personal “passport to prosperity.”

Knighthood in the Marketing Camelot… and all the valuable benefits that go with it… is only $98/month. ($108/month outside of North America.)

That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only…

$3.26 A Day!

Heck, I’ve seen homeless people spend TWICE that much on their daily coffee and cigarettes, for crying out loud!

There’s simply NO excuse whatsoever for not getting in on this. It’s within EVERYBODY’S budget.

If it’s not in your budget right now then you have a pretty big problem. But it’s a problem you can solve… and solve pretty damn fast… with just one idea you’ll get from your Marketing Camelot knighthood.

If you don’t have the $98 right now… do what I did:

Sell your TV, cancel your cable and get rid of your time-sucking, attention-span-robbing $100/month smart phone. That stuff isn’t doing anything positive for your future. In fact, the ONLY thing it’s doing is keeping you imprisoned in a poverty mindset that will keep you broke your entire life.

Look, if you’re TRULY serious about being successful you’ll stop pissing away your money on worthless consumer B.S. and invest it in YOURSELF instead. That investment will give you EXPONENTIAL returns year after year… for the rest of your life.

Tough talk, huh? Yup. But a real winner knows…

You Can Make Excuses Or You Can Make Money…

But You Can’t Do Both!

Stop making excuses, choose to make money instead and join me now as a knight in my Marketing Camelot. In the unlikely event you decide I’m not your cup of tea, you can cancel your knighthood at any time.

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Doberman Dan – Letter: Videos, PDF´s

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Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop

Influential Writing Workshop

Quick Overview

Getting to the top and staying there requires something more, it requires being influential in people’s lives, not just being persuasive. Crack the “secret code” on how Dan creates success, wealth and long sustained pre-emminence in his marketplace using Influentical communication and writing. Not to be confused with copywriting or “writing that sells,” Influential Communication is a science and skillset for opening someone’s mind to new ideas, creating a high level of rapport, trust and relationship, establishing unquestioned authority and sustaining an audience’s interest in you on a continuing basis. Tune into what Bill Glazer says “Unequivocally is Dan’s BEST work to date and has changed the way I write and communicate with everything I now do.”

Earn a Top Income
Create a Sustainable Advantage
Be a Leader in Your Field


The next best thing to being there…access the 3-Day Workshop that attendees who paid $10,000 each to attend described as “mindblowing”…a “5 Star Performance by Dan Kennedy”… & “ranks as the most advanced, sophisticated and valuable training.”

Dan’s Master List of 31 Influential Writing Principles, Explanations, Examples and Exercises

Discover how to use the “power of the pen” in offline and online media to exert influence over others.Dan shows you how to establish yourself as the influencer and write purposefully and strategically—plus he hands you the Keys To Influence. Learn writing, techniques, the 8 things to achieve through writing and much more.

Formulas for Influential Communication

Discover how to attract people with the greatest monetary value, how to connect so you can have influence, power, sustained success, and secure income, how to gain acceptance of advocated positions and much more.

Templates, Tools and Checklists

Get complete systems, formulas, tools, templates and checklists so you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to create influential writing that gets superior response and results.

25 Examples of “Triggers of Interest”

Using real-life examples, Dan shows you “triggers of interest” for opening pieces of Influential Writing.

5 Tests To Determine Whether You Are Succeeding At Influential Communication

Learn how to know if what you are doing is working well using five simple tests that provide clarity on which of Dan’s 31 principles you desperately need to implement.Apply just a few and Dramatically improve response.

Dan Kennedy’s Entire 3-Day Influential Communication and Writing Workshop

Access the force behind the development of GKIC’s own 8-figure business empire with this professionally recorded & edited 13 CD set. Includes a 213 page edited transcript of Dan’s entire presentation, a 311 page manual with all of Dan’s presentation materials, and an attendee sample manual to use as your own personal swipe file.

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Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Eric Worre – Mastering Objections

Never Miss Out on Another Opportunity Because You Don’t Know How to Handle an Objection!

In this master class, I am going to train you how to prepare for and respond to any objection that comes your way. You will enter and leave conversations with confidence. You will be able to convert the excuses people give into and opportunity for growth and leverage.

Master How To:

See objections as an opportunity to educate your prospect
Develop the mindset necessary to hear and handle even the toughest objections
Use the 4 Steps that have proven to be the most effective in handling almost any excuse
Quick and ready to go responses for the most common objections in Network Marketing
Confidently recruit anyone
Teach your team how to overcome objections effectively

How much time and energy have you wasted trying to tell people about your opportunity

but not getting anywhere because you couldn’t handle common objections?

What if you had a step-by-step method that made them wake up in the middle of your explanation? They stopped thinking “No Way,” and started thinking, “Wait, could this work for me?”

Now, what if you could have all that time, energy and lost profit back?
What if you could increase the percentage of prospects you converted?
What if you never again lost a sale to an objection?
What would a system like that be worth?

With This Master Class, You’ll Get:

3 Step-by-step Course Modules that will change the way you see an objection, give you the proven strategies used by the best communicators, and outline the exact steps you need to take the next time you are confronted with a useless objection.
Downloadable Workbook that will help you solidify the lessons you learn.
Bonus Course Module revealing the very best responses to over 20 of the most common objections.

Let’s Break It Down…

Course 1:

Reframing Objections

In this course, you’ll learn how to rewire your brain so that you view objections as a positive rather than something to be feared.

Course 2:

Stories: The 5 Keys to Success

I’ll show you the 5 keys that will prepare you to overcome objections and lead you to success.

Course 3:

4 Steps to Handling Objections

These are the very steps that I use for every possible objection that I ever encountered. These steps really do work with any objection, even ones that I haven’t thought of!

Bonus Course:

Common Objections and How to Handle Them

This course uses role play to demonstrate how to handle over 20 of the most common objections you might face in the Network Marketing profession.

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Eric Worre – Mastering Objections: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Eric Worre – Radical Duplication

Learn a simple step-by-step program to

Create a Team that Produces Results Without You Doing All the Work

With Radical Duplication, you will gain simple strategies and structured tactics to ignite and automate the growth of your downline.

What if…

You could duplicate your efforts and retain more people than ever before
Your team produced results when you’re not around
Your distributors were inspired to do the work instead of you doing it all for them
You increased retention and lowered the number of distributors who quit

Duplication is the Tool Used by Million Dollar Earners to

Create Rapid Growth Within Their Downline.

Does this sound familiar?

You recruit 5 new people but…

You have to drag them out of bed and tell them when to work and how to work.
You have to attend all of the meetings because they don’t know how to give a presentation.
You have to answer their constant questions about recruiting.
And you have to help their new distributors get started.
One-by-one your distributors leave your team.

But what if when you recruited those new people…

You could give them a simple step-by-step guide on how to immediately get started?

Are You Ready to

Stop Distributor Dropout and Retain More Distributors Than Ever Before??

With the Radical Duplication Master Class, you will gain structured, simple strategies to ignite your business and your team and create massive duplication.

Course 1:

Growing Your Network Marketing Business with Radical Duplication

In this first course, I share my learning experiences of Duplication when I was first starting out in Network Marketing. One challenge was signing up a bunch of people and most of them not doing anything. The other dilemma was trying to constantly help them all at once. They lacked independence. Sound familiar?

Course 2:

Stories: Building a Team That Duplicates

A valuable lesson I learned from the late Jim Rohn is, when building a team that duplicates, you need to know your numbers. This course identifies the five different groups that can comprise your team and the statistical composition of each group based on a survey of 100 distributors. This insight will guide you to where you need to place your focus. You’ll also learn that what it takes to get to the Top 2% of Network Marketing is to make a decision and recruit 10 people. A key lesson when getting to the top is to accept the realities. In this course, you’ll learn what some of these realities are and some distinctions about them.

Course 3:

4 Pillars for Radical Duplication

Pillar 1: Lead by Example
If you want to change the numbers, you have to become a part of the Super Recruiter Group. And if you recruit 20 in 30 Days, you’ll experience a growth spurt you never dreamed possible.

Pillar 2: Get People Started Effectively
We’re starting to get into a little bit more structure with some key strategies, number one of which is to “Push Them Over the Line and Keep Them Over the Line.” This concept is vital, and I’ll review ways to do this and other strategies for getting your team started effectively. I also talk about Setting Proper Expectations and creating a Getting Started Checklist.

Pillar 3: Move Your People from Level 1 to 5 Quickly
You’ll learn how to quickly move your people to the Super Recruiter level. This is when your business will begin to take quantum leaps beyond your imagination.

Pillar 4: Create a Culture of Speed
Success Loves Speed. As a leader, you need to make a decision to create a Culture of Speed within your organization. You’ll learn how to do that, so when people think of your team, it will be synonymous with action, speed and momentum.

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Invite Team Members Eric Worre – Radical Duplication: Videos, PDF´s

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Jeremy McGilvery – InstaPro Academy


According to a 2018 study by SocialMediaExaminer.com, only 36% of marketers are using Instagram to grow their business. Based on our extensive experience,

LESS than 1% of them are doing it the right way! Read on to discover how to join the 1% of marketers that build massive followings, create crazy engagement and get paid in the process.

Insta Pro Academy is your complete system for creating an attractive and fast-growing Instagram brand, building a community of raving fans, and optimizing your business strategy specifically for Instagram.

After all… isn’t that what you want?

We developed a step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to launch your business on Instagram (the right way) and attract your ideal customers and clients.

You’ll also get our 5 highest converting sales funnels that are already optimized for Instagram traffic, along with a few other ‘money-making’ bonuses. With all of this, you can easily have your business up and running within a week.

And the best part is that you get digital access to everything… which means you can get started immediately!

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

8-Step Insta Pro Academy Online Video Training System

This system includes everything you need to get your brand, content and money-making strategy up and running in record time!

Module 1: Building A Powerhouse Brand

Have you tried starting an Instagram page, but struggled to attract a solid and constantly growing follower base?

Have you wondered why some of the big Instagram brands attract so many loyal followers and amazing engagement?

Have you missed out on collecting leads or making sales because your bio didn’t have that “IT” factor?

By the time you finish the first module in this brand-new system, you will have already established yourself as a powerhouse brand on Instagram. You will be positioned as a credible “authority”.

Module 2: Perfect Content Strategy

The #1 reason why most people give up on their Instagram page is that they do not know how to create the right content that looks appealing, but still gives MASSIVE value to their follower base. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as hard as you think.

In this module we show you how to create beautiful, value packed content that will drive your engagement sky high. You don’t have to search for the “best” hashtags or be a design expert.

The best part is that it takes less than 10 minutes a day.

Module 3: Insta Growth Techniques

The one thing that everyone wants is a loyal, growing follower base. The sad part is that very few people actually know how to do this. Don’t believe us? Look for some of the marketing ‘gurus’ that are on Instagram, it’s rare to find one that has over 50,000 followers.

In this module you learn exactly how to attract an engaging follower base that can be done AUTOMATICALLY. No more searching for potential followers with the hope they follow you back, no more using hashtags to attract fake followers, and no more searching for the best days or times to make a post.

We will show you exactly how we grew our page to over 75,000 followers in less than 6 months!

Module 4: Instagram Traffic Mastery

Imagine what it will feel like when your Instagram brand starts driving thousands of visitors to your website on a weekly basis…

What would that mean for your business, or for you personally?

This module is all about driving massive and targeted traffic to your website in short time periods. Instead of spending time, effort, and money into setting up a Facebook ad and waiting weeks to test it out, you can drive hundreds of people to your site in less than an hour.

This module is vitally important and it teaches you the most profitable Instagram strategy that practically NO ONE is actually teaching. The cool thing is – you don’t need thousands of followers to make these traffic strategies work for you.

Module 5: Optimized Marketing Strategies

Are you wondering what products work best on Instagram?

Do you think there are people active on Instagram that are interested in your services?

Believe me there are!

After completing this module you will have a precise and actionable strategy to start growing your business and generating additional revenue in a very short time. Whether you are a network marketer, life coach, internet marketer, business owner, or affiliate marketer this module will teach you exactly how to optimize your marketing strategy.

Module 6: Instagram Funnel System

Using a sales funnel is one of the best ways to collect emails and generate a significant revenue. However, your traditional funnel is probably not optimized for Instagram traffic. There is a reason why most marketers aren’t presently taking advantage of what Instagram has to offer.

We have spent months and tens of thousands of dollars testing different funnel designs and strategies until we finally found a system that works.

In this module we are going to walk you through our highest converting sales funnels and explain the psychology behind

each aspect. You will understand why we convert over 20% on cold traffic to a direct paid offers and over 65% on free lead magnets – consistently!

Module 7: Instagram Product Development

Product creation should be fun and exciting, it is your chance to share your best ideas and experience on topics that you are passionate about. But most people get stuck and overwhelmed by overthinking.

The great news is that your struggles stop here! In this module we show you exactly how to create the perfect digital products for Instagram that convert high and refund very low (our refund rate for over 4,000 customers is less than 2%).

We even give you a behind the scenes look at how we turn our ideas into high converting digital content.

Module 8: Tracking And Measuring

I’ll be honest, this is the least ‘sexy’ topic to teach about, but it is probably the most valuable. As marketers, it is your job to test every aspect of your business to make sure that what you are doing is taking your business to the next level.

In this module you will learn the key metrics that you should be tracking to ensure that you are posting the best content possible, but most importantly, you have the best promotions and the best promotion partners.

We are even going to give you the exact system we use to measure and track everything.

Here’s How We Created This Powerful System…

In October of 2015, we decided to take a stab at this whole “internet marketing” thing. We got so excited from the idea that we could create courses based on things that we’re passionate about and sell them online. There was one problem though…

Neither of us had any experience with internet marketing. But we didn’t let that stop us. We decided to start small with an Instagram page @elevateyourmindset, and take a stab at marketing our courses.

After our first month we had driven thousands of people to our sales funnel, but we had a problem… no one was buying our product.

So we decided to do something a little crazy…

We stopped listening to marketing experts and started to rely on our own intuition to find a strategy that works. After months of testing, and spending thousands of dollars on promotions we finally figured it out.

Our conversion rates started climbing… 6%, 18%, 34% and now around 62%. Our follower base shot up from 1,000 followers to over 75,000 followers, and we knew that we were on to something pretty special.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our methods, so we started looking for other Instagram marketing products, but to be honest… they were all crap!

Knowing that there were people out there teaching HORRIBLE advice on Instagram, and that people were actually wasting their money on strategies that we knew would give them little to no results, made us a little mad. So we decided to do something about it…

Now our main business isn’t about teaching people how to make money online, even though we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Our passion is helping other people overcome their limitations, accomplish their goals and achieve more success.

So we created this course with the intention of doing just that. Because if helping you grow your business by mastering Instagram can help you achieve your goals…

Then we’ve done our part and that’s all that matters to us.

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Jeremy McGilvery – InstaPro Academy: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Julie Stoian – The Digital Gangsta

This is not gonna be your mama’s sales page. Even though I am a mama of four (#madrespectmoms), I’m a straight shooter

and refuse to manipulate you with slushy sales tactics or bore you with stories you don’t give a rat’s ass about.

I will also be brutally honest about what it really takes to succeed, and whether or not you have it.

There’s really only two reasons you’re here:

  You want to become a digital marketer and make GOOD money either building a Digital Marketing business or scaling your course and coaching business

(In 2016 I did $200,000 in client work, and an additional $160,000 in courses and online coaching. In 2017, I did $1.3 million.)

   You have a business or business idea that is SORELY in need of BAD ASS digital marketing

(and you’re fed up with crappy coaches who simply regurgitate gurus)

If you don’t fit into either of those two categories, this course isn’t for you.

Now that that’s outta the way…

The Job of THIS Sales Page is To Help You Overcome the Objections in Your Head About Whether or Not To Take My Offer.

Because really, there are only five reasons you won’t take me up on what I’m offering
by the end of this direct-response rant.

  No Need – You don’t really need to become a Digital Marketer because a) you have a great job already, or b) you would rather pay someone to do your business’s digital marketing than learn it yourself. But guess what, many of you might *think* you don’t need it, when you most certainly do.

  No Hurry – Procrastination Station is your country of residence and you prefer dreaming about doing things than actually doing them. Since I am an action taker of EPIC proportions, I get really annoyed by procrastinators and would rather not work with them. To that end, I will purposely create urgency to weed out those who like to sit on the sidelines.

  No Desire – You landed here by accident (or because my targeting sucks) and therefore, you really could care less about Digital Marketing and you’re annoyed at my sarcastic obnoxious language. You might even be writing an email to me in your head right now about what an arrogant pain in the ass I am.

   No Trust – Ahhh the biggie. You don’t really know who I am or if I can deliver on my promises. This is legit. I wouldn’t trust me without knowing me either. So we’ll get a little intimate here in a few.

   No Money – Ahhh the second biggie. You’re broke as joke. By the way, most people aren’t as broke as they say. What they mean is that the price I’m asking is not equal (in your head) to the value I provide. After I show you that a Digital Marketing career OR bad-ass Digital Marketing skills in your business are the difference between in debt, or making multiple six figures a year, the price won’t seem so bad.


I know this because I am one.

Digital Marketers are defined by people who can use the Internet to find new leads and get customers…aka money. The VERY skill set of a Digital Marketer is about finding and making money through online prospecting and sales.

Digital Marketers are Money Finders and Money Makers.

If my funnels blow up tomorrow, if my brand crashes into the ocean, if my client thinks I’m a dink…it’s okay. Because I know how to find and make more brands, clients, and funnels. The skills in my tool belt are the money finding and making skills that can be leveraged on the most powerful tool on Planet Earth…the Internet.


I know, rocket science.

If you’re not on the Internet, you’re barely a business. Seriously.
The Internet crushes TV, newspapers, mail, every other mode of advertising out there.

That means if you have a business, you better learn Digital Marketing FAST, or find someone who does. And if you want to be a Digital Marketer,

the news is very good. The GOOD ones will ALWAYS be busy because every business in the world…needs YOU.

You Need to Understand Digital Marketing.

That’s the Bottom Line.

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Julie Stoian – The Digital Gangsta: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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